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"Thank you for the wonderful party! Although the language barrier, you managed to get everybody involved, including my husband, who didn't stop dancing :) You even got my son to dance, and he NEVER dances. It was the first time we saw him get that excited during music!"


What fun is a party without live music?! Let Roots With Ruark 
provide the soundtrack to your 1-4 year old's next birthday party (or holiday party, special event or gathering)! Having performed at over 1000 parties and events over the past decade, there is no one better equipped to handle the musical needs of your little one's special day. For the event Ruarkwill bring his guitar, egg shakers, scarves and streamers, kiddie instruments, parachute and bubbles and perform for 45 minutes. He will play a mix of original music, kids classics, songs that fit the theme of your party and of course popular rock/pop tunes including everything from classic rock to top 40 hits to ensure the grown-ups enjoy the music as much as the kiddos. The performance will start off with an original welcome song for the birthday child and a 
quick warm up to get everyone engaged. Then most of the time
is spent singing and dancing and rocking out to Ruark's 
interactive, high energy music with all of his fun props. The 
excitement wraps up with parachute and bubble time, and the grand finale is the presentation of the birthday cake where 
Ruark will lead the group in the singing of Happy Birthday with the guitar. Everything is completely flexible based on your preferences though and Ruark is more than happy to work with you to design a format that fits perfectly with your needs. Song 
requests are welcomed and encouraged in advance so Ruark 
can be sure to play all of your little one's favorite songs! 

45 minute party performance set costs $300.


Looking to make the birthday party super special? Nothing is more meaningful than a personalized original song! Here's how it works: Before the party (no later than 2 weeks in advance) you'll 
send Ruark a list of all your little one's favorite things (i.e. fav people, places, activities, toys, stuffed animals, books, songs, foods, etc...basically anything you would associate with your kiddo that you would love to have in a song about them). Ruark will write your little one a song, perform it live at the party and then email you a recording with a copy of the lyrics afterwards. It's a perfect musical snapshot of where your little one currently is in their life.  Ruark's been told it goes super well as underscoring for a video or photo reel. 
The cost of the original song is $150.

Check out these original, customized birthday songs:

  •      Cole

  •      Happy Birthday Winter

  •      (written for Gretchen Mol's daughter)


  • Make your party even more fun with extra music! One extra hour of rocking out to live music either before or after the 45 minute performance. $150 per hour. 


  • Give one or both of Roots With Ruark's 
    original CD's to your guests as party favors!
    When purchasing as party favors for 5 or more guests, single albums are $8 each and the 2 albums are $15 total (normally 
    $10 per album). The birthday child's albums are always included!


  • Add a Superstar Assistant* to sing and play during the 45min performance (based on availability). $150 for 45 minutes. Additional $100 to add the Superstar Assistant to the extra hour of background music. *only available in NYC

    *Superstar Assistant, Cara Samantha, is a child-whisperer and pop/soul singer songwriter who was seen on American Idol in 2013. She and 
    met while singing for babies at Little 
    Maestros in 2007. 

"You had to see Sebastian's face when he first 
heard his song. His eyes were so focused and sparkling while he concentrated on listening to the words! He has played the song about 50 times 
already and the cutest thing is that every time he 
listens to it he understands something new! 
can totally tell when he got it because his eyes
brighten up so much and his smile shines so big 
bright! We can't thank you enough! This is probably the BEST gift that he has ever received! Thank you so much for making this possible!!!"


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